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“I always try to do that what I cannot do in order to learn how to do it.”
– Pablo Picasso

Needlecrafts first caught my attention when I was a child growing up in a small town in Holland. Encouraged by my mom, grandma and the local needlecraft store owner, I picked up crochet, knitting, tatting, macramé, bobbin lace, needle lace and embroidery with ease.

In high school, I discovered the theater and loved every aspect of it. I strengthened my existing skills and learned new ones: acting, directing, puppetry, costume design, stage design, backdrop painting, singing and writing.

In 1995 I moved from Holland to San Francisco, and opened a small arts and crafts workshop and gallery on Nob Hill. Inspired by a chance encounter with 19th century Russian beadwork, I discovered the beauty and challenges of designing with beads.

I use different sizes of beads as a building material – like little bricks – and a variety of traditional stitches as a flexible, tensile sort of mortar. Placing beads one by one, row by row on top of each other, I combine my needlework, theater and jewelry skills to create sculpted bugs, butterflies, birds, and sea creatures in their environments.

The result is a unique kind of wearable art that offers the intricacy of embroidery and lace, the depth of a theater set and the durability and brilliance of glass.

I have been doing beadwork full time for the last seven years, and all of my pieces are one of a kind.


Born and educated:
Doorn, The Netherlands

Residence and studio:
San Francisco, California

V. Breier, 2001 - 2004
San Francisco

Cicada, 1998 - 2002
San Francisco

Filigree, 2001 - 2003
San Francisco

Winterbranch, 2002 - 2003
San Francisco

Fred Segal, 2002
Santa Monica

Folk Tree, 2003

Contemporary Crafts Fair,
2002 - 2004
San Francisco and
Santa Monica

Teaching experience

Southern CA Bead Society
Northern CA Bead Society
Beads, Tampa, Florida
BABE, Oakland, CA
Baubles and Beads,
Berkeley, CA


B for Savvy Brides,
Summer 2001
500 Beaded Objects,
Lark Books, 2004

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