Petersen Beadwear

Catherine-Russian Bead Lace

This bead work, originating from Russia, is made up from small components: leaves and starflowers. These are then stitched together and this is where your own creativity comes in.

The possibilities are endless, from a simple necklace to whole pieces of clothing. It all depends on how you decide to connect the pieces.

The leaves are stitched with in-creases on one and decrease on the other side which gives your work all the advantages of fabric cut on the bias.

Level: Beginner.

Supplies in Kit: Seed beads Size 11: in three colors, one matching color in size 8 and size 15, twenty one 6mm and twenty two 4mm semi precious stones or pearls, clasp, needles, thread and instructions.

This kit comes in different color combinations, silver-grey or bronze-gold.